Nicro has been paving his way through the Dnb circuit for nearly a decade now. Rocking crowds and pleasing every event promoter from Minneapolis to Atlanta And beyond. Playing alongside some of today's best Dnb headliners bringing forth some of the best events to date. Nicro never disappoints when it comes to playing a set of some of the newest tunes on the market along with unreleased tunes produced by himself. Nicro started his Djing career in the one and only fabulous Las Vegas. Playing small events at bars and eventually moving to larger parties at abandoned warehouses and events centers. Getting more and more popular among the scene being able to move crowds he eventually started touring along the west coast, playing cities from L.A to Phoenix. In his second part of his career he picked up producing. Now able to produce some of today's craziest productions, he pushed the envelope touring in Minneapolis, Texas, Georgia and eventually back to the East Coast playing shows in Asheville, Philadelphia, Baltimore and working his way across the board. Now Nicro is looking to tour in Europe by late 2017.